11/06/2013 07:00 am - 11/08/2013 07:00 pm

Wharton Club of Africa | Investment Summit 2013

Nairobi, Kenya | Partner Event

On behalf of THE WHARTON CLUB OF AFRICA it would be our honour if you could please join us for this year’s exciting, unique WCA Africa Investment Summit 2013 focusing on direct engagement and efficient connecting with Africa’s premier business leaders, investors, entrepreneurs, and public figures across critical 2013-2014 areas of investment and partnering … moving beyond just panels…to Connecting & Closing!

Summit Highlights include:
 Keynote Speakers by African region, and critical insight Panels by key 2013-2014 Sectors & African country
 Strategic Networking Sessions by Sector and Region
 WCA CEO Forum programs of value for executives including peer-to-peer CEO strategic networking, private wealth investing, executive career mentoring, Speaker: Africa CEO challenges & solutions, and more…
 Africa Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital segment including Africa Entrepreneurs & VC Competition
 International Investment Partners: The Middle East and Asia
 Investor Deal Forum presenting specific investment opportunities to a diverse investor audience (private capital, family offices, private equity firms, institutional capital)
 Africa Local Partner - Strategic Matching by Sector and Country
 WCA Africa Business Journal Luncheon - interviews of leading business persons/keynote speakers
 WCA 2013 African Business & Leadership Awards Banquet
 Post-Summit “momentum” Delegation to Nigeria (for Summit attendees)

Please see website for program updates, confirmed speakers, and registration:

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