On Wednesday, October 5, the Corporate Council on Africa hosted a Senegalese delegation led by H.E. Amadou Ba, Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning to discuss some of the reforms the government has initiated and investment opportunities. Minister Ba highlighted the economic growth Senegal has experienced the last few years as well as progress made in the agribusiness, energy, and mining sectors. Minister Ba stated that per the World Bank, Senegal is among the top ten economic performers on the continent with a 6.5% growth in 2015 and an expected 6.6% growth in 2016.

Minister Ba emphasized the role of the Senegal Emerging Plan as a catalyst enabling the country to free its growth potential and address impediments to growth, through reforms to attract private investment. The government is enacting reforms to facilitate land ownership, energy and power generation, access to financing and to ease the administrative processes. To achieve this ambitious plan, the government will invest heavily in infrastructure, housing, industrialization, agribusiness, energy and tourism.

Minister Ba expects Senegal to continue to grow steadily with a positive outlook. He also identified agribusiness, energy, power and infrastructure as investment areas with high growth opportunities. 

Photo: The African Renaissance Monument built in 2010 in Dakar, Senegal is the tallest statue in Africa.

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